Tips for Spring

Now that it is warm weather and the roads are clear I know that most of you have your Miatas out and are enjoying the return of top down driving. Although the Miata is a wonderfully durable car there are a few things that you might want to consider doing to ensure a pleasant driving season.

First, change the oil and filter. Unless you changed the oil last fall before parking your Miata ( the ideal) it is a good idea to change the oil now. Of course it goes without saying that you should change the oil at regular intervals, at least as often as your owner’s manual specifies. I personally change mine every 3,000 miles and use Mobile 1.

When changing oil one of the problems with the Miata is the location of the oil filter on the gen 1 and 2 cars. It is horizontal and right over the right “A-frame”. When you loosen the filter you usually end up with its contents running down onto your suspension. A tip that I have found to help is to put a disposable diaper under the filter. Between the absorbent material and the non leak backing you can keep the mess to a minimum.

After changing the oil, check the other fluids. This should beyond just checking the coolant and washer fluid. Also check the brake and clutch fluids. After all how much fun will it be to drive your Miata without the ability to shift gears or stop.

Tires are another good item to inspect before you take your Miata out for a spirited drive. Check the tread to make sure the tires are still roadworthy. Also while checking the tread check for nails or any other items that could let the air out of your fun experience. And last, while on the topic of tires, check to make sure the lug nuts are properly torqued. Again check your owner’s manual for the correct setting, it should be about 85 ft lbs.

There are a few other things to check while giving your Miata the once over. These include the air filter, plug wires, and wiper blades. It is also a good idea to check the exhaust pipe to make sure that a mouse did not make its home there over the winter.

With the car ready to run you could jump in and turn the key but you might want to give it a good washing before driving off to impress your neighbors. Although I could recommend a complete wash, clay bar treatment, wax, and full detailing, you are probably like me and too anxious to wait that long.

So a quick wash it is and then hit the road. See you out there,


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